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Matrix Switch for use with 75 Ohm Network Analyzers

75 Ohm Matrix Switch

Three new 75 Ohm blocking matrix switch models have been added to the JFW website.  Model 75MS-029 is a solid-state 2X8 blocking matrix that operates 3-1000MHz.  Model 75MS-030 is a solid-state 2X6 blocking matrix that operates 3-1000MHz.  Model 75MS-037 is an electro-mechanical 2X12 blocking matrix that operates DC-1700MHz.  These 75 Ohm matrix switches can be used to fan-out connections from a 2-port 75 Ohm network analyzer to allow for automated multi-port 75 Ohm testing.  Connecting the 2X12 matrix in series with a 2-port network analyzer, creates a twelve port test set.  For all three models, the unused output ports are self-terminating at 75 Ohm impedance to keep the DUT properly impedance matched at all times.  All three models are remotely controlled via serial or TCP/IP connections.  The remote command set consists of simple ASCII formatted commands.  The remote command set for our 3.x.x firmware is available for download.  If you have any technical questions about these 75 Ohm matrix switches, please contact our engineering department for assistance.

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40GHz Matrix Switch for SATCOM or Wireless 5G Signal Routing

JFW Model #50MS-367 2.9MM is a 4 X 4 blocking matrix switch that operates DC-40 GHz.  The RF connectors are 50 Ohm impedance 2.9mm female type located on the rear panel.  The unit is remotely controlled via Ethernet or RS-232.  This RF matrix switch utilizes our 3.X.X firmware command set for remote control.  All unused input ports and unused output ports are self-terminating at 50 Ohms.  The current IP settings and serial baud rate are displayed on the front panel display.  The IP settings and baud rate can be updated using the keypad.

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40GHz Fixed Attenuator with 2.9mm Connectors for 5G Test Labs

2W Fixed Attenuator DC-40GHz

JFW is pleased to announce a new low power 2.9mm fixed attenuator that will be needed in every 5G lab technician’s toolbox.  The JFW Model #50FHAR-xxx 2.9MM is a fixed attenuator that covers the frequency range DC to 40 GHz.  It can handle 2W of RF Input power.  It has 2.9mm male/female RF connectors and a compact length of 0.86 inches.  This attenuator is available with attenuation values:  3, 6, 10, 20, or 30dB.

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Introducing Millimeter Wave Attenuation Systems for 5G Development and Test!

50BA-025-62 2.9 MM

These two new series of Ethernet-controlled RF attenuator systems were specifically developed for testing mm-wave and 5G radios in a laboratory environment. An ultra-wide bandwidth of 100 MHz to 40 GHz and attenuation from 0-62dB in 1-dB steps makes both of these systems ideal for receiver sensitivity testing and network emulation of fixed 5G and mobile 5G wireless network components. An easy to use Ethernet/RS-232 interface with front-panel manual control and standard 2.9 MM RF connectors make integration simple as well.

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