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You will find listed here some of JFW's most popular products.  The RF products listed here are available to buy now or you can submit a request for quote.  These products are only a sampling of all of the RF products that JFW offers.  If you don't find the model you are looking for, send us your specifications today!

Some items may not be in stock.  If stock is unavailable, your Customer Service Representative
will contact you to advise when your order will ship.
Mini-Benchtop Attenuator AssemblyFrequency RangeControl
50BA-002-95  200-6000MHzEthernet/Manual
Two attenuators (0-95x1dB)
Programmable Attenuators Attenuation Range (dB)Frequency Range
50P-1501 SMA0-127 x 1200-3000 MHz
50P-1853 SMA0-63 x 1200-6000 MHz
50P-1857 SMA0-95 x 1200-6000 MHz
Manually Variable AttenuatorsAttenuation Range (dB)Frequency Range
50BR-008 BNC0-80 x 1DC-2200 MHz
50BR-008 SMA0-80 x 1DC-2200 MHz
50BR-112 N0-110 x 1DC-2700 MHz
50DR-001 BNC, N, SMA0-110 x 1DC-1000 MHz
50DR-046 BNC, N, SMA0-50 x 1DC-2500 MHz
50DR-055 BNC, N, SMA0-30 x 1DC-2000 MHz
50DR-060 BNC, N, SMA0-11 x 0.1DC-2000 MHz
50DR-061 BNC, N, SMA0-80 x 1DC-2200 MHz
50R-019 BNC0-10 x 1DC-2200 MHz
50R-019 SMA0-10 x 1DC-2200 MHz
50R-029 BNC0-70 x 10DC-2200 MHz
50R-029 SMA0-70 x 10DC-2200 MHz
75R-055 BNC0-70 x 10DC-1000 MHz
75R-055 F0-70 x 10DC-1000 MHz
75R-056 BNC0-10 x 1DC-1000 MHz
75R-056 F0-10 x 1DC-1000 MHz
75R-057 BNC0-1 x 0.1DC-1000 MHz
75R-057 F0-1 x 0.1DC-1000 MHz
Fixed AttenuatorsInput Power Frequency Range 
50FHAO-XXX-100 N100 WattsDC-3000 MHz
50FHAO-XXX-200 N200 WattsDC-3000 MHz
50FHC-XXX-10 N10 WattsDC-4000 MHz
50FHC-XXX-20 N20 WattsDC-4000 MHz 
50FHXC-XXX-50_N50 WattsDC-4000 MHz
50FPE-XXX N5 WattsDC-6000 MHz
50F-XXX BNC1 WattDC-2200 MHz
50F-XXX N1 WattDC-2200 MHz
50F-XXX SMA1 WattDC-2200 MHz 
50HB-XX SMA 2 WattsDC-6000 MHz 
50HF-XXX N2 WattsDC-18 GHz 
50HF-XXX-SMA2 WattsDC-18 GHz
50HF-XXX-100-6-N100 Watts unidirectionalDC-6 GHz
50HF-XXX-100-6-SMA100 Watts unidirectionalDC-6 GHz
50HN-XX N2 WattsDC-6000 MHz 
50KFA-074 BNC1 WattDC-2200 MHz 
50KFA-074 N1 WattDC-2200 MHz
50KFA-074 SMA1 WattDC-2200 MHz 
75FP-XXX-2G BNC 1 WattDC-2000 MHz 
75FP-XXX-2G F1 WattDC-2000 MHz
75FP-XXX-2G N1 WattDC-2000 MHz
and Mismatches
 Input Power Frequency Range
50T-001 BNC M1 WattDC-2200 MHz
50T-129 SMA F1 WattDC-18 GHz
50T-364 N M1 WattDC-2200 MHz
50T-410 N M5 WattsDC-4000 MHz
50T-455 SMA M1 WattDC-18 GHz
50T-566 7/16 M50 WattsDC-3000 MHz
RF SwitchesConfigurationFrequency Range 
50S-1313+12  SMA1P2T (failsafe)DC-18 GHz 
50S-1313+12 TTL SMA1P2T (failsafe)DC-18 GHz 
50S-1313+28 SMA1P2T (failsafe)DC-18 GHz
50S-1315+12 SMA1P4T (N.O.)DC-18 GHz
50S-1315+12 TTL SMA1P4T (N.O.)DC-18 GHz
50S-1316+12 SMA1P6T (N.O.)DC-18 GHz
50S-1316+12-TTL SMA1P6T (N.O.)DC-18 GHz
50S-1360+12 SMA1P3T (N.O.)DC-18 GHz
50S-1360+12-TTL SMA1P3T (N.O.)DC-18 GHz
50S-1361+12 SMATransfer SwitchDC-18 GHz
50S-1361+12-TTL SMATransfer SwitchDC-18 GHz
75S-111 F1P2T (failsafe)DC-2150 MHz
Power Dividers/CombinersConfigurationFrequency Range
50PD-016 SMA2-WayDC-4000 MHz
50PD-559-SMA2-Way800-2400 MHz
50PD-560-SMA4-Way800-2400 MHz
50PD-570-SMA8-Way800-2400 MHz
50PD-585-N2-Way800-2400 MHz
50PD-589-N4-Way800-2400 MHz
50PD-659-SMA2-Way698-3000 MHz
50PD-660-SMA4-Way698-3000 MHz
50PD-665-SMA8-Way698-3000 MHz
Test AccessoriesFrequency RangeType 
57Z BNC M/F Matching PadDC-1000 MHzMatching Pad
57Z N M/F Matching PadDC-1000 MHzMatching Pad
75Z BNC M/F Matching PadDC-1000 MHzMatching Pad
75Z N M/F Matching PadDC-1000 MHzMatching Pad
57ZT BNC M/F Matching Transformer0.5-600 MHzMatching Transformer
57ZT N M/F Matching Transformer0.5-600 MHzMatching Transformer
75ZT BNC M/F Matching Transformer0.5-600 MHzMatching Transformer
75ZT N M/F Matching Transformer0.5-600 MHzMatching Transformer
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