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New at JFW Industries

Right Size Testing


How to Right Size
Your Wireless Testing

As today's wireless networks become more and more complex, so do the requirements for testing them.
JFW Industries has put together a helpful instruction on how to make sure that the RF test system you choose is the right one for your network and you budget.


Introducing JFW's newest family of manual, rotary attenuators... now offering more attenuation than ever before at 3 GHz and beyond. The single-rotor, 50R-397 is DC-3GHz with 0-70dB in 10dB steps; while our bench-top assembly, the 50BR-147 allows for up to 110dB in 1dB increments. This family also includes two versions of our versatile dual-rotary attenuators, which can be easily integrated into RF systems for OEM or test applications. The 50DR-143 offers 0-80dB x 1dB of attenuation from DC-3GHz and the 50DR-141 goes all the way from DC-3.6GHz with a dynamic range of 0-40dB in 1dB steps.



New 40 GHz Fixed Attenuators

Introducing the 50HFAH-XX 2.9MM and 50T-274 2.9MM M,

JFW's first ever DC-40-GHz fixed attenuators and RF terminations.

The 50T-274 2.9MM M is rated at 1 Watt and has an impressive VSWR of 1.2:1 maximum, while the 50FHAH series of attenuators handles 0.5 Watts with a maximum VSWR of 1.4:1.

Both come standard with 2.9MM connectors
(attenuators are male/female, terminations are male).


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50 Ohm Components Brochure 75 Ohm Components Brochure 50 Ohm Components Brochure





N Models    SMA Models
Click to view larger.

50PA-127-xx   50PA-128-xx

JFW Industries is pleased to introduce our newest line of Ethernet-Controlled RF Attenuation Systems. This latest series of programmable attenuator assemblies is available in varying frequencies (as low as 30 MHz or up to 6 GHz), in 95 dB or 127 dB of dynamic range (in 1-dB steps), and with SMA or N connectors.


Custom designs available.  (May affect lead time.)


NEW from JFW Industries!
Configurable Power Dividers for Lab Use

JFW is pleased to introduce
our latest innovation in RF Test equipment. 

The 50PDA- 150-XX is a completely new approach to laboratory power divider assemblies. Its modular design can be specified at the time of order to include any number of combiner configurations. Each interchangeable module may include four 2-Ways, three 3-Ways, two 4-Ways, or one 8-Way (each assembly holds up to fourteen modules)".

50PDA-150   50PDA-150

 Custom designs are also available upon request.

Spec Sheet



The 50P-2014 from JFW Industries is a 200-6000 MHz, solid-state variable attenuator with 0-95 dB of attenuation in 1 dB steps.

It’s designed with USB control (via USB Mini-B connector), so it’s perfect for research & development labs or other flexible test environments (JFW software included or .dll file for integration into your own applications supplied upon request).

 Custom designs are also available!

50P-2014 Spec Sheet

50P-2014 Drawing


USB Test Software



50FLP New Low PIM Attenuator from JFW!

JFW is proud to introduce our latest
innovation in RF fixed attenuation.

The 50FLP-XXX-100 fixed attenuator boasts a maximum PIM (Passive Inter-Modulation) reading of -155 dBc (-165 dBc typical). It covers 698-2700 MHz and is available in 5, 6, 10, 20, & 30 dB values. The 50FLP- series handles up to 100 Watts of RF power (average) while maintaining an accuracy of +/- 0.75 dB and a VSWR of 1.3:1.


Complete Line of Resistive Power Dividers/Combiners from JFW!

JFW Industries is pleased to showcase its line of resistive power dividers/combiners.

Available in 2-Way, 4-Way, 5-Way, 7-Way, 8-Way,
9-Way and 11-Way configurations; they operate from DC-6 GHz. 

This family of divider / combiners is specifically designed for laboratory testing of radio transceivers in mesh networks, allowing for signal connectivity over a wide bandwidth with minimal isolation.

SMA female connectors are standard, but custom
designs and configurations are also available.

Resistive Power Divider/Combiner from JFW Resistive Power Divider/Combiner from JFW
50PD-478 SMA (2-Way)50PD-746 SMA (8-Way)
50PD-771 SMA (4-Way)50PD-760 SMA (9-Way)
50PD-732 SMA (5-Way)50PD-735 SMA (11-Way)
50PD-734 SMA (7-Way) 


JFW Industries is pleased to present our 50T-566 7/16 M.

This DC-3000 MHz, 50-Watt RF termination was specifically designed for outdoor 4G / LTE site applications. It meets all IP65 Standards and comes with 7/16 DIN Male connector.

Other options and custom models may also be available. 

50T-566 Data Sheet

50T-566 Drawing

New Ethernet/RS-232
and Manual Controlled RF Attenuators

JFW Industries is pleased to announce two new additions to our series of mini-benchtop, programmable attenuator assemblies.  The 50BA-011-95 offers 0-95 dB of attenuation in 1 dB steps from 2-6 GHz, while the 50BA-010-127 gives 0-127 dB and operates 700-3000 MHz. Other configurations are also available. 

Please email sales@jfwindustries.com for more information. 
50BA-010-127   50BA-011-95

0.5-18.0 GHz Solid-State RF Switches
 The 50S-1720 (1P2T), 50S-1721 (1P4T), and 50S-1722 (1P8T) are JFW’s newest line of PIN-Diode RF switches. They boast an operating frequency from 0.5-18GHz, 50dB minimum isolation at 18 GHz, and a maximum switching speed of 100 nanoseconds. Their compact, self-terminating design makes them perfect for OEM and test applications where reliability, speed, or bandwidth is critical. SMA female connectors and TTL control are standard, but other configurations may be available upon request. For more information, Email JFW Sales.50S-1720  50S-1721  50S-1722 
Spec Sheet 50S-1720

Drawing  50S-1720
Spec Sheet  50S-1721

Drawing  50S-1721
Spec Sheet  50S-1722

Drawing  50S-1722
 50S-1720 50S-1721 50S-1722 Switch Advertisement
DAS Components from JFW!

The LTE revolution is underway; and along with it come the increased demands of MIMO on Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). JFW’s passive RF components, including attenuators/terminations and power dividers, are designed specifically to meet the requirements of LTE MIMO-DAS deployments and upgrades.
 DAS Components-50DR-04650DR-046
 DAS Components-50DR-05550DR-055
 DAS Components-50DFHAO-030-100N50DFHAO-030-100-N
 DAS Components-50PD-659-SMA 50PD-659-SMA
 DAS Components-50PD-660-SMA 50PD-660-SMA
DAS Components from JFW Advertisement

Brazil -

China - www.jfwindustries.cn.com

France - www.jfwindustries.fr

Germany - www.jfwindustries.de

United Kingdom - www.jfwindustries.co.uk
50FR-XXX New Low Cost Fixed Attenuator from JFW

 Spec Sheet and Drawing  50FR-XXX

The new 50FR- series of fixed attenuators is both reliable and affordable, starting at $12.50 US in a quantity of one (discounts apply at higher quantities). It operates from DC-3 GHz at 1 Watt average power and is available with SMA connectors (male to female) in 3, 6, 10, 20 or 30 dB values.
 Low Cost Attenuator from JFW Advertisement

NEW!  Surface Mount Switch
50S-1887 SMT

JFW’s is proud to introduce our latest innovation in high-power RF switching. The 50S-1887 SMT is a surface-mount switch that can handle up to 100 Watts (average RF input power) and it’s capable of hot-switching 20 Watts. The 50S-1887 is designed to operate from 225-400 MHz, but other frequency ranges may be available upon request. For more information on this switch or to have JFW review your specific application, visit us at http://www.jfwindustries.com/

View our latest advertisement featuring
JFW's new "Surface Mount Switch".

            All specification sheets and outline drawings are linked on the HTML.


Spec Sheet 
Drawing  50S-1887
50S-1887 Surface Mount Switch Advertisement
JFW New Product

Spec Sheet  50DR-125
Drawing  50DR-125

View our latest advertisement featuring
JFW's "LTE Manually Variable Attenuator".
            All specification sheets and outline drawings are linked on the HTML.

NEW!  LTE Manually Variable Attenuator

JFW is proud to present our latest manually variable attenuator that makes attenuation fading of LTE products quick and easy.  The 50DR-125 has a frequency range of DC-2700 MHz which covers the LTE band.  It has an attenuation range of 0-80dB x 1dB.  The 50DR-125 can handle 2 Watts of RF input power and is bi-directional.  With our lineup of RF components and RF test systems that cover the LTE frequency band, JFW has got your LTE testing needs covered.
LTE Manually Variable Attenuator Advertisement

 New Low Cost Attenuators offer
Ethernet / RS-232 and Manual Control

The 50BA- series from JFW Industries is an all-new line of variable attenuator systems. These plug-and-play modules come complete with Ethernet / RS-232 interfaces as well as manual control (via Momentary Lever Actuator Switches with 7-segment digital display). Designed to be easy to use, compact, and affordable; the 50BAs are available with one or two channels of attenuation (0-63dB or 0-95 dB in 1dB steps) and operate from .2-6 GHz. Custom designs are also available.

New Low Cost Attenuators from JFW Industries

Email JFW Sales about this product.
Spec SheetDrawing
View our latest advertisement featuring
JFW's "NEW 50BA Series".
All specification sheets and outline drawings are linked on the HTML.

50BA Series Advertisement


 New Wide Band Attenuator
SIMPLIFIES Communication Test

The new 50P-1857, programmable attenuator from JFW Industries, offers solid-state reliability and superior broadband performance.  With an operating frequency range of 200 to 6000 MHz, it is ideal for today's wideband variable, attenuator requirements including VHF/UHF, LTE and WiMax testing applications.  This 50-Ohm device has a dynamic range of 0 to 95 dB in 1 dB steps and is guaranteed monotonic across its entire bandwidth.  SMA female connectors are standard on the input and output, but other connector configurations may be available upon request.

50P-1857 Spec Sheet

50P-1857 Drawing

50P-1857 Quote
View our latest advertisement featuring
JFW's new "Wide Band Attenuator".
All specification sheets and outline drawings are linked on the HTML.

Wide Band Attenuator Advertisement
75 Ohm Programmable Attenuator

The new 75P-167 from JFW Industries is our latest solid-state, 75-Ohm programmable attenuator. It offers 127 dB of dynamic range with 1 dB resolution. Specifically designed for DOCSIS and MoCA testing, it operates from 800-2200 MHz and switches attenuation settings in less than 2 microseconds.
F Female connectors are standard, but other options are available upon request.
Email JFW Sales about this product.

75P-167 Spec Sheet

75P-167 Drawing
View our latest advertisement featuring
JFW's new "75 Ohm Programmable Attenuator".
All specification sheets and outline drawings are linked on the HTML.

75 Ohm Programmable Attenuator Advertisement
75S-243-F from JFW Industries
75S-243-F Spec Sheet

75S-243-F Drawing

75S-243-F Quote
1P16T RF Switch for CATV Industry

The JFW model 75S-243 is a 1P16T self-terminating RF switch.  This RF switch covers DC-1000MHz and comes with either BNC female or precision F female RF connectors.  Its simple TTL control makes it ideal for routing CATV signals or for use in constructing a 75 Ohm matrix switch.

Introducing the 50S-1820 and 50S-1821 from JFW, our latest innovations in our line of high-power, solid-state RF switches. The 50S-1820 is capable of switching 100-Watts of RF power from 800-2700 MHz (cold switch), while the 50S-1821 will switch 75-Watts from 800-3000 MHz. Both switches boast 10-Microsecond switching speeds and a minimum isolation of 55dB. Available with SMA, N, BNC, or TNC connectors.


50S-1820 and 50S-1821 from JFW Industries
50S-1821 Spec Sheet

50S-1821 Drawing

50S-1821 Quote
50S-1820 Spec Sheet

50S-1820 Drawing

50 S-1820 Quote
The 50BR-112, the bench-top rotary attenuator from JFW Industries, adjusts from 0-110dB in 1-dB increments and it operates from DC to 2700 MHz. It's capable of handling 2 Watts RF input power and maintains a VSWR of 1.8:1 maximum (1.6:1 typical). Its compact size conserves bench space and makes testing a snap from IF to RF and everything in between. The 50BR-112 comes with BNC, SMA, N, or TNC Female connectors and other configurations are also available.
 50BR-112 from JFW Industries

50BR-112 Spec Sheet

50BR-112 Drawing

50BR-112 Quote

JFW New Product

75PA-050 Spec Sheet

75PA-050 Drawing
  NEW!  Test System with
twenty button keypad!
JFW introduces the 75PA-050, showcasing our new twenty button keypad along with a complete array of LED indicators for quick visual feedback.
The new keypad offers features which promise to make manual control much easier and faster than our standard keypad, at no extra cost.
While scrolling through the range of attenuators or switches, the display will automatically show their current settings.
  New 1P16T Solid-State Switch
from JFW spans 0.02-4.3GHz
The new 50S-1584 is JFW’s most impressive 1P16T switch to date. It offers the speed and reliability of PIN diodes from 20-4300 MHz. It’s self-terminating and also boasts a minimum isolation of 50 dB with typical VSWR of 1.4:1.
 JFW New Product

50S-1584 Spec Sheet

50S-1584 Drawing

50S-1584 Quote


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