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19 Inch Rack Attenuator Assemblies (75 Ohm)

19Below is a sortable table for 75 Ohm programmable attenuator assemblies that are in 19 inch rack mountable enclosures. Click on a column header to sort the column data as ascending or descending. Click on a model number to view its product page that displays the full specification sheet and outline drawing.

The models in this table were inspired by customer requests. If you do not find a model with the mechanical/electrical features that you require, please email your requests directly to our engineering department ( JFW does not charge NRE’s and will respond to your request with a quick cost estimate.

Click the column headers to sort our online models. For your specific application, please contact JFW for assistance or use our Inquiry Form.

JFW Model #ImpedanceConfigurationdB TotaldB StepFrequency StartFrequency StopControl
75PA-02475 Ohms1 Attenuator (Solid-State)95.5 dB0.5 dB50 MHz860 MHzManual GPIB
75PA-05375 Ohms2 Attenuators (Solid-State)127 dB1 dB450 MHz2150 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-06175 Ohms8 Attenuators (Solid-State)63 dB1 dB5 MHz1000 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-06675 Ohms4 Attenuators (Solid-State)127 dB1 dB450 MHz2150 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-06775 Ohms4 Attenuators (Solid-State)63 dB1 dB50 MHz2000 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-06875 Ohms4 Attenuators (Relay)63.75 dB0.25 dB0 MHz (DC)1000 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-07375 Ohms4 Attenuators (Relay)95.5 dB0.5 dB0 MHz (DC)1218 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-07475 Ohms4 Attenuators (Relay)127 dB1 dB0 MHz (DC)1000 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-07875 Ohms4 Attenuators (Relay)31 dB1 dB0 MHz (DC)1000 MHzEthernet RS-232
75PA-07975 Ohms2 Attenuators (Relay)31 dB1 dB0 MHz (DC)1000 MHzEthernet RS-232
75PA-08075 Ohms2 Attenuators (Solid-State)63 dB1 dB5 MHz1000 MHzEthernet RS-232
75PA-08375 Ohms4 Attenuators (Solid-State)63 dB1 dB5 MHz1650 MHzEthernet RS-232
75PA-09175 Ohms1 Attenuator (Solid-State)63 dB1 dB5 MHz1000 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232

Capabilities & Options

Custom Models
The models listed in the above table showcase some of our standard programmable attenuator assemblies. However, most of JFW’s test system business involves custom designed models. JFW does not charge NRE’s for custom models. We encourage you to email us your specific requirement ( We will respond with a ROM (rough order of magnitude) quote in 1-2 days. Please include a block diagram with your request if the test system involves multiple RF components.

Remote Commands
JFW has standard remote commands for GPIB, Ethernet, and RS-232 controlled models. The command syntax is simple and allows easy control of the programmable attenuator settings. In addition to our standard commands, JFW can also provide customer specific commands upon request.

Test Software
JFW provides a GUI test program with all Ethernet and RS-232 controlled test systems. The test software for programmable attenuator assemblies has all of the remote commands built in for easy testing. In addition to the remote commands, the GUI test program has additional functionality such as keypress, handover, and indefinite handover. Check out our sample test programs to see for yourself.

Attenuators: Electro-mechanical (DC-18GHz) or Solid-State (0.001-6GHz)
Remote Control: Ethernet, RS-232, GPIB, or TTL
Manual Control: Keypad (w/ LCD) or toggle switches
Enclosures: Benchtop or 19″, 23″, 24″ rack enclosures
Supplied Power: AC, Dual redundant AC, or DC powered
RF Connectors: BNC, TNC, SMA, N, etc.
Impedance: 75 Ohm

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