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RoHS Compliance

RoHS CompliantStatement on RoHS Compliance by JFW Industries, Inc. (updated January 7, 2016)

JFW Industries, Inc.(Indianapolis, IN) is compliant with all implemented categories of Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS 2). Once categories 8 and 9 EEE are fully implemented, certain JFW products may have “CE” marking in an effort to consolidate marking requirements as mandated by the European Parliament.

JFW’s engineering department has approved all RoHS Compliant materials, solders, components and final products. No engineering change notices or first articles will be provided to customers unless specifically requested.

All JFW quotes will state that all products will be RoHS Compliant. Customers who require a RoHS Compliant first article or want to continue to receive non-RoHS Compliant (“lead based”) products will have to notify JFW prior to the start of production.

Customers who purchase JFW products, which are uniquely designed and manufactured for them, may request that their unique product be left “as-is” (containing “lead based” materials). Any customer who purchases non-unique JFW products and who cannot accept “lead-free” products can have a separate part number created for their new custom part that will contain non-RoHS Compliant materials.