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Application Notes

Power Divider/Combiner Types and Functionality

This application note covers resistive and reactive power divider/combiners.  The main goal of this app note is to help customers choose the correct power divider/combiner type for their application.  The functionality differences between the two types are discussed with example block diagrams.  The block diagram makes it easy to see why resistive divider/combiners are used for military radio testing.  The block diagram for reactive power divider/combiners shows how its construction is better suited for the fan-in or fan-out of RF signals to multiple devices.   If you have any questions, please contact our engineering team for assistance.

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RF Matrix Switch Types and Functionality

This application note discusses the four different construction types for RF matrix switches with pros and cons for each type.  Matrix switch types discussed:  blocking matrix switches, non-blocking matrix switches, super non-blocking matrix switches, and common highway matrix switches.  The functionality of each construction type is discussed with example block diagrams.  Please contact our engineering department directly if you have any questions or requests.

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Understanding The Limitations of Modern Military Radio Testbeds

This application note discusses three different testing configurations that can be used to test military radios.  The test configurations are:  Hub Fan-out, Full Fan-out, and Limited Fan-out.  Each configuration has its own testing features and limitations which are discussed.  We do provide direct access to our engineering team if you have any questions or want testing recommendations.

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