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Mix and Match RF Connectors for Fixed Attenuators

Fixed Attenuator with SMA male to N female

Don’t use a fixed attenuator and an adapter, when you can get the fixed attenuator with mixed RF connectors.  The majority of fixed attenuators that JFW manufactures can be specified to have mixed RF connectors.  They don’t have to be just male/female either.  You can specify female/female or male/male.  What is the price difference between 50FHC-030-10 SMA Male/Female (standard model) and 50FHC-030-10 SMA Male/N female?  No price difference!  We stock all of the parts for both models.  It takes the same amount of time to build, test, and QC each model.  Same price.  If you have a specific fixed attenuator requirement, please email our engineering department the details.

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