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Fixed Attenuator Kits

JFW’s online fixed attenuator kits are listed in the table below. If you can’t find a fixed attenuator kit that meets your requirements, please contact JFW at Just send in a request with a list of your required RF attenuators and JFW will make a new fixed attenuator kit model that meets your specific requirements.

JFW never charges NRE’s for new fixed attenuator kit models. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer custom fixed attenuator kit models with the same pricing and delivery as our standard fixed attenuator kit models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the column headers to sort our online models. For your specific application, please contact JFW for assistance.

JFW Model #Frequency StartFrequency StopRF ConnectorsModels Included
50KFA-0740 MHz (DC)2200 MHzBNC, N, SMA50F-003, 50F-006, 50F-010, 50F-020, 50T-317 M
50KFA-0140 MHz (DC)18 GHzSMA50HF-003, 50HF-006, 50HF-010, 50HF-020
50KFA-0080 MHz (DC)18 GHzN50HF-003, 50HF-006, 50HF-010, 50HF-020
50KFA-0060 MHz (DC)2200 MHzSMA50F-001, 50F-002, 50F-003, 50F-006, 50F-010, 50F-020
50KFA-0050 MHz (DC)2200 MHzBNC50F-001, 50F-002, 50F-003, 50F-006, 50F-010, 50F-020, 50L-001 M/F, 57Z M/F, 75L-001, 75Z M/F

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