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50 Ohm Solid-State Programmable Attenuators (TTL)

JFW’s online 50 Ohm solid-state programmable attenuator models with TTL control are listed in the table below.  JFW has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering programmable attenuators for over 25 years.

Solid-State Design
These attenuator models all have a solid-state design which allows for switching speeds in the microseconds.  With no moving parts, these solid-state step attenuators are perfect for automated RF testing.  The attenuators have typical MTBF of 250,000 hours and excellent attenuation repeatability.

TTL Control
The models listed in the table have parallel TTL lines for the attenuator control lines.  There is a TTL line for each attenuation step.  Activate multiple dB steps simultaneously to set combination attenuation values.  Example: to achieve 7dB of total attenuation activate the 1dB/2dB/4dB steps simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions for Programmable Attenuators

Other Control Options Available from JFW
If you would prefer a programmable attenuator with Ethernet, GPIB, Serial or USB control, then contact our engineering department for a recommendation or use our Inquiry Form.

JFW Model #ImpedancedB TotaldB StepFrequency StartFrequency StopSwitching SpeedRF Input PowerControlRF Connectors
50P-108050 Ohms127 dB1 dB3 MHz1215 MHz5 uS+10 dBmTTLBNC, N, SMA, TNC
50P-113050 Ohms63.5 dB0.5 dB1 MHz200 MHz20 uS+10 dBmTTLBNC, SMA
50P-150150 Ohms127 dB1 dB200 MHz3000 MHz2 uS+20 dBmTTLBNC, N, SMA
50P-157150 Ohms63.5 dB0.5 dB20 MHz1000 MHz2 uS+10 dBmTTLBNC, N, SMA, TNC
50P-162150 Ohms63 dB1 dB20 MHz500 MHz2 uS+10 dBmTTLBNC, N, SMA, TNC
50P-176750 Ohms70 dB10 dB400 MHz3000 MHz1 uS+10 dBmTTLSMA
50P-176850 Ohms55 dB5 dB30 MHz2500 MHz5 uS+10 dBmTTLSMA
50P-176950 Ohms1.5 dB0.1 dB800 MHz2200 MHz5 uS+20 dBmTTLSMA
50P-178250 Ohms127 dB1 dB15 MHz2000 MHz10 uS+10 dBmTTLSMA
50P-185150 Ohms63.5 dB0.5 dB200 MHz6000 MHz3 uS+28 dBmTTLSMA
50P-185350 Ohms63 dB1 dB200 MHz6000 MHz1 uS+20 dBmTTLSMA
50P-185550 Ohms31.5 dB0.5 dB200 MHz6000 MHz3 uS+27 dBmTTLSMA
50P-185750 Ohms95 dB1 dB200 MHz6000 MHz4 uS+27 dBmTTLSMA
50P-186750 Ohms31.75 dB0.25 dB30 MHz3000 MHz3 uS+27 dBmTTLSMA
50P-189150 Ohms63.5 dB0.5 dB30 MHz3000 MHz1 uS+20 dBmTTLSMA
50P-189350 Ohms63 dB1 dB30 MHz3000 MHz1 uS+20 dBmTTLSMA
50P-189750 Ohms95 dB1 dB30 MHz3000 MHz4 uS+27 dBmTTLSMA
50P-190050 Ohms127 dB1 dB700 MHz3000 MHz5 uS+20 dBmTTLSMA
50P-206150 Ohms31 dB1 dB100 MHz18000 MHz1 uS+20 dBmTTLSMA
50P-207250 Ohms31 dB1 dB100 MHz40000 MHz0.5 uS+25 dBMTTL2.9 mm

The programmable attenuator models listed in the table are only our online models.  If you can not find an online model that fits your exact attenuator requirements, please contact us.  We do not charge NRE’s for new model numbers.  We pride ourselves in the ability to offer custom models with pricing that is in-line with our catalog models.

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