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High Power Solid-State Programmable Attenuators

JFW’s online high power 50 Ohm solid-state programmable attenuator models are listed in the table below. The programmable attenuator specifications are sortable for easy model selection. If you can’t find a standard programmable step attenuator model to meet your requirements, please contact JFW at

Whether you call them digital attenuators, step attenuators, programmable step attenuators, or just programmable attenuators, JFW has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering programmable attenuators for over 25 years. We specialize in solid-state and relay programmable attenuators for applications from benchtop RF testing to computer controlled automated RF testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the column headers to sort our online models. For your specific application, please contact JFW for assistance or use our Inquiry Form.

JFW Model #ImpedancedB TotaldB StepFrequency StartFrequency StopSwitching SpeedRF Input PowerControlRF Connectors
50P-103750 Ohms28 dB4 dB0.5 MHz32 MHz500 uS30 WattsTTLSMA
50P-109150 Ohms3 dB1 dB915 MHz960 MHz100 uS50 WattsTTLSMA
50P-181950 Ohms35 dB5 dB0.5 MHz32 MHz500 uS30 WattsTTLSMA

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