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USB Attenuator (50 Ohm Solid-State)

USB programmable attenuator with SMA femaleThe USB attenuator has become a popular choice for companies and universities with its small size and ability to be easily controlled using the USB port of a computer. The attenuator models listed below are all bi-directional solid-state step attenuators with 50 Ohm impedance. These attenuators are ideal for fade testing cellular or Wi-Fi devices. Our test software can control multiple USB attenuators simultaneously allowing for handover testing from a single GUI menu. If you do not find an exact match for your requirement please contact our engineering department with your RF specifications.

Test Software for USB Attenuators
Every USB attenuator from JFW ships with our GUI test software. The test software will auto-discover any JFW USB attenuator that is connected to the computer. The test software can control multiple USB attenuators simultaneously. The test software requires Microsoft Windows Vista or greater. Our test software manual details all of its functionality like built-in attenuator fade and dual attenuator handover.

Python Library Available
Several of our customers use Python to run test scripts that control multiple pieces of RF test equipment. JFW developed a Python library ( that allows our USB attenuators to be integrated into the test scripts. Email our engineering department for the Python library and examples.

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JFW Model #ImpedancedB TotaldB StepFrequency StartFrequency StopSwitching SpeedRF Input PowerControlRF Connectors
50P-201350 Ohms63 dB1 dB200 MHz6000 MHz1 uS+20 dBmUSBSMA
50P-201450 Ohms95 dB1 dB200 MHz6000 MHz4 uS+27 dBmUSBSMA
50P-203850 Ohms31 dB1 dB200 MHz6000 MHz1 uS+20 dBmUSBSMA
50P-204250 Ohms63.5 dB0.5 dB30 MHz3000 MHz1 uS+20 dBmUSBSMA
50P-205550 Ohms95,5 dB0.5 dB20 MHz3000 MHz4 uS+27 dBmUSBSMA
50P-205850 Ohms31.75 dB0.25 dB30 MHz3000 MHz3 uS+27 dBmUSBSMA
50P-206850 Ohms31 dB1 dB100 MHz18000 MHz1 uS+20 dBmUSBSMA

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