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50 Ohm High Power Termination & Mismatch Load (75 to 1000 Watts)

100 Watt termination with N maleJFW’s online 50 Ohm high power termination and mismatch load models are listed in the table below.  JFW has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering quality terminations and mismatch loads for over 30 years.  Our mismatch loads allow you to select the impedance mismatch your RF testing requires.

The terminations listed in the model table are all 50 Ohm impedance.  Terminations are used to properly terminate a port in the matching impedance to prevent RF signal reflections.

Mismatch Load
The mismatch loads in the model table have model numbers that end with -XXX.  The -XXX is used to specify the mismatch value.  For example, JFW model #50T-032-5.0 N M is a  5.0:1 mismatch load (i.e. 250 Ohms) with a 50 Ohm N male connector.

Frequently Asked Questions

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JFW Model #ImpedanceRF ConnectorsFrequency StartFrequency StopRF Input PowerVSWRHeatsink Style
50T-032-XXX50 OhmsBNC, N, SMA, TNC, 7/160 MHz (DC)1000 MHz100 Watts1.10:1 Termination +/- 5% MismatchSquare
50T-069-XXX50 OhmsBNC, N, TNC, 7/160 MHz (DC)1000 MHz300 Watts1.15:1 Termination +/- 8% MismatchSquare
50T-133-XXX50 OhmsBNC, N, TNC, 7/160 MHz (DC)1000 MHz200 Watts1.10:1 Termination +/- 5% MismatchSquare
50T-24250 OhmsBNC, N, SMA, TNC, 7/160 MHz (DC)2000 MHz100 Watts1.10:1Square
50T-24350 OhmsBNC, N, SMA, TNC, 7/160 MHz (DC)3000 MHz100 Watts1.20:1Square
50T-303-XXX50 OhmsBNC, N, 7/160 MHz (DC)3000 MHz100 Watts1.15:1 Termination +/- 10% MismatchRound
50T-338-XXX50 OhmsN, 7/160 MHz (DC)3000 MHz200 Watts1.15:1 Termination +/- 10% MismatchRound
50T-35050 OhmsN, 7/160 MHz (DC)3000 MHz150 Watts1.15:1Round
50T-36750 OhmsN, 7/160 MHz (DC)3000 MHz250 Watts1.15:1Round
50T-39050 OhmsN, 7/160 MHz (DC)6000 MHz100 Watts1.20:1 DC-3 GHz, 1.35:1 3-6 GHzRound
50T-42050 OhmsN, TNC0 MHz (DC)1000 MHz500 Watts1.15:1Square
50T-42150 OhmsN, TNC, 7/160 MHz (DC)3000 MHz500 Watts1.20:1 DC-1 GHz, 1.30:1 1-3 GHzSquare
50T-49550 OhmsN, 7/160 MHz (DC)3000 MHz1000 Watts1.20:1 DC-0.5 GHz, 1.30:1 0.5-2.5 GHz, 1.40:1 2.5-3 GHzSquare
50T-51350 OhmsN, 7/160 MHz (DC)300 MHz1000 Watts1.15:1Square
50T-52150 OhmsN, 7/160 MHz (DC)1000 MHz1000 Watts1.20:1Square
50T-541-XXX50 OhmsN, TNC, 7/160 MHz (DC)1000 MHz500 Watts+/- 10% MismatchSquare
50T-54950 OhmsBNC, N, SMA, TNC, 7/160 MHz (DC)3000 MHz75 Watts1.10:1 DC-1 GHz, 1.20:1 1-3 GHzSquare
50T-581-XXX50 OhmsBNC, N, SMA, TNC, 7/160 MHz (DC)1000 MHz80 Watts1.10:1 Termination +/- 5% MismatchSquare

If you have specific mechanical restrictions, RF specifications, or required unit screening, please contact us. JFW does not charge NRE’s for new termination models. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer custom models with pricing in-line with our catalog models.

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