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DC Blocks

JFW’s online DC block models are listed in the table below.  DC blocks have been a staple product in JFW’s line of quality RF test accessories for over 30 years.  All of the models listed have coaxial RF connectors.  These models block DC signals and pass RF signals with minimum loss to the RF signals.

DC Block Options

  • 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm impedance
  • Inner only type or Inner/Outer type
  • Multiple RF connectors available (BNC, SMA, N, TNC, 7/16, F, reverse polarity and more)
  • Breakdown Voltages up to 200 Vdc
  • Frequencies up to 50 GHz
  • Affordable custom models available upon request

Frequently Asked Questions

For your specific DC block application, please contact JFW for assistance or use our Inquiry send your exact specifications.

JFW Model #ImpedanceTypeFrequency StartFrequency StopBreakdown VoltageRF Connectors
50DB-00250 OhmsInner0.05 MHz1.8 GHz100 VoltsBNC, N, SMA, TNC
50DB-00750 OhmsInner10 MHz18 GHz200 VoltsSMA
50DB-00950 OhmsInner10 MHz4 GHz50 VoltsBNC, N, SMA, TNC
50DB-01050 OhmsInner/Outer10 MHz18 GHz200 VoltsSMA
50DB-01150 OhmsInner10 MHz18 GHz200 VoltsN
50DB-03850 OhmsInner10 MHz40 GHz200 Volts2.9 mm
50DB-03950 OhmsInner0.2 MHz2 GHz50 VoltsSMA
50DB-06050 OhmsInner0.001 MHz2 GHz50 VoltsBNC, N, SMA, TNC
50DB-07350 OhmsInner0.016 MHz40 GHz75 Volts2.9 mm
50DB-07750 OhmsInner/Outer10 MHz40 GHz200 Volts2.9 mm
75DB-00175 OhmsInner1 MHz2.5 GHz100 VoltsBNC, N, TNC
75DB-01375 OhmsInner0.1 MHz3 GHz50 VoltsBNC, F, N
50DB-07450 OhmsInner0.016 MHz50 GHz30 Volts2.4 mm
50DB-07650 OhmsInner100 MHz50 GHz75 Volts2.4 mm

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