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RF Detectors

JFW’s online RF detector models are listed in the table below.

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JFW Model #ImpedanceFrequency StartFrequency StopRF Input PowerRF Connectors
50D-05050 Ohms1 MHz1000 MHz100 mWBNC, N, SMA, TNC Male/Female
50D-05150 Ohms1 MHz2000 MHz100 mWBNC, N, SMA, TNC, 7/16 Male/Female
50D-05250 Ohms1 MHz3000 MHz100 mWBNC, N, SMA, TNC Male/Female
75D-00975 Ohms1 MHz1000 MHz100 mWBNC, F, N Male Female
75D-01075 Ohms1 MHz2200 MHz100 mWBNC, F, N Male/Female

JFW Industries has a wide variety of coaxial RF detectors at astonishingly affordable prices. Precision and reliability are included at no extra charge.

Take a look at our capabilities…

  • Zero-biased Schottky detectors from 10 KHz to 4 GHz
  • Detectors available with positive or negative DC outputs
  • 50-Ohm and 75-Ohm feedthru terminations (other impedance values also available upon request)
  • Any connector combination (BNC, SMA, N, TNC, 7/16, F, reverse polarity and more)

Can’t find the RF Detector you are looking for? Use JFW’s Inquiry Form to send your exact specifications today!

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