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RF Fuse Holders

JFW’s online RF fuse holder models are listed in the table below.

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JFW Model #ImpedanceFuse RatingFrequency StartFrequency StopRF Connectors
50RF-03750 OhmsSee Chart Below0 MHz (DC)1000 MHzN
50RF-03850 OhmsSee Chart Below0 MHz (DC)1000 MHzBNC

At JFW, we also offer a unique line of coaxial RF fuse holders.

The devices are designed to protect costly RF components and systems by inserting an inexpensive coaxial assembly containing an easily replaceable RF fuse.

Our capabilities include…

  • RF fuse holders from DC to 1 GHz
  • Choose from various fusing levels
  • Low insertion loss

Can’t find the RF Fuse Holder you are looking for? Use JFW’s Inquiry Form to send your exact specifications today!

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