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19 Inch Rack Attenuator Assemblies with Manual Lever Controls

These 19 inch rack mount attenuator assemblies have lever switches for manual control. Each step attenuator has its own corresponding lever switch and display. The lever switches are momentary so you can manually “tap to step” or “hold to jog” to change the attenuation setting. The displays show the current attenuation setting at all times. If an attenuator is updated remotely, then the display will change accordingly. If you run a remote script, all attenuation changes will be displayed as they are executed.

Remote Control
The manual lever test system models are available with Ethernet/Serial remote control. The remote control features easy to use ASCII formatted remote commands. The step attenuators can be controlled individually (set attenuator command) or as a group (block command, set block command). All test systems with Ethernet/Serial control run out latest generation 3.x.x firmware. The manual for the 3.x.x firmware lists the remote command syntax with examples. We also have sample GUI test programs available that work with models running the 3.x.x firmware.

Demo Units Available
JFW does stock some attenuator assemblies as demo units.  Contact our sales department for availability.  If you want to try out our firmware, then check out the online Ethernet Test Box running our latest generation firmware.

JFW Model #ImpedanceConfigurationdB TotaldB StepFrequency StartFrequency StopControl
50PA-83950 Ohms8 Attenuators (Solid-State)95 dB1 dB200 MHz6 GHzLevers Ethernet RS-232
50PA-92950 Ohms1 Attenuator (Solid-State)63.5 dB0.5 dB30 MHz3 GHzLevers Ethernet RS-232
50PA-976-XX50 Ohms1-4 Attenuators (Solid-State)95 dB1 dB200 MHz6 GHzLevers Ethernet RS-232
50PA-998-XX50 Ohms1-4 Attenuators (Solid-State)95 dB1 dB30 MHz3 GHzLevers Ethernet RS-232

Custom Models
If you do not find a model on the website that meets your requirements, please use our inquiry form or email our engineering department. We will respond with a quick cost estimate. JFW does not charge NRE fees for new models. A large portion of the RF test systems that we manufacture are per custom requests.

Manual Lever Features:

  • Current dB settings always displayed
  • Tap the lever up/down to step the attenuation
  • Hold the lever up/down to jog the attenuation
  • Jog speed is adjustable
  • Multiple lever can be used simultaneously
  • Remote scripts can be visually confirmed

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