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Benchtop Attenuator Assemblies (75 Ohm)

Below is a sortable table of 75 Ohm programmable attenuator assemblies with benchtop enclosures. The attenuators are step attenuator type. The relay step attenuators are electro-mechanical and have typical lifetime of 1 million operations. The solid-state step attenuators have no moving parts so there are no mechanical wear concerns. Solid-state attenuators have typical MTBF of 250,000 hours.

Remote Control
Our test systems are available with Ethernet, Serial, or GPIB remote control. The remote control features easy to use ASCII formatted remote commands. The step attenuators can be controlled individually (set attenuator command) or as a group (block command, set block command). All test systems with Ethernet/Serial control run out latest generation 3.x.x firmware. The manual for the 3.x.x firmware lists the remote command syntax with examples. We also have sample GUI test programs available that work with models running the 3.x.x firmware.

Demo Units Available
JFW does stock some attenuator assemblies as demo units.  Contact our sales department for availability.  If you want to try out our firmware, then check out the online Ethernet Test Box running our latest generation firmware.

JFW Model #ImpedanceConfigurationdB TotaldB StepFrequency StartFrequency StopControl
75PA-05275 Ohms2 Attenuators (Solid-State)127 dB1 dB450 MHz2150 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-07675 Ohms2 Attenuators (Relay)63 dB1 dB0 MHz (DC)2150 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-08475 Ohms4 Attenuators (Solid-State)63 dB1 dB5 MHz1650 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-08675 Ohms3 Attenuators (Solid-State)63 dB1 dB5 MHz1650 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-08875 Ohms2 Attenuators (Relay)95.5 dB0.5 dB0 MHz (DC)1000 MHzManual Ethernet RS-232
75PA-09075 Ohms4 Attenuators (Solid-State)63 dB1 dB5 MHz1000 MHzLevers Ethernet RS-232
75PA-10375 Ohms1 Attenuator (Solid-State)63 dB1 dB5 MHz1650 MHzLever Ethernet RS-232

Custom Models
If you do not find a model on the website that meets your requirements, please use our inquiry form or email our engineering department. We will respond with a quick cost estimate. JFW does not charge NRE fees for new models. A large portion of the RF test systems that we manufacture are per custom requests.

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