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Matrix Switches

Our standard 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm RF matrix switches are available in rack mountable enclosures.  The Ethernet/Serial models run our latest generation 3.x.x firmware that features easy to use ASCII formatted commands.

Blocking Matrix Switches
A blocking matrix switch is constructed with switches on both the input ports and the output ports. An input port can only be connected to a single output at one time. If you need to connect an input port to multiple outputs simultaneously, then you must use a non-blocking matrix.

Non-blocking Matrix Switches
A non-blocking matrix switch is constructed with power dividers on the input ports and switches on the output ports. The power dividers split the input signal up so that the input signal is available to all output ports simultaneously. An input port can be connected to all output ports simultaneously.

Manual Keypad Features
Our RF matrix switch models with keypads are remotely controlled via Ethernet/Serial.  The IP settings can be viewed and updated from the keypad.  The current Baud rated is also displayed.