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19 Inch Rack RF Switch Assemblies (75 Ohm)

75 Ohm RF switch assembly with rack mount enclosureBelow is a sortable table of 75 Ohm RF switch assemblies with 19 inch rack mount enclosures.  JFW offers a wide selection of 75 Ohm RF switches (solid-state, electro-mechanical, reflective, absorptive) and we can integrate any of our RF switches into remotely controlled assembly.

Remote Control
Our test systems are available with EthernetSerial, or GPIB remote control. The remote control features easy to use ASCII formatted remote commands. All test systems with Ethernet/Serial control run out latest generation 3.x.x firmware. The manual for the 3.x.x firmware lists the remote command syntax with examples. We also have sample GUI test programs available that work with models running the 3.x.x firmware.

Custom Models Available
If you have a specific RF testing setup, contact our engineering department for a solution tailored to your setup or use our Inquiry Form.

JFW Model #ImpedanceNumber of SwitchesRF Switch TypeFrequency StartFrequency StopRF Input PowerControlRF Connectors
75SA-02975 Ohms1 Switch1P8T Self-Terminating0 MHz (DC)2150 MHz0.25 WattsGPIB, ManualBNC, F
75SA-03075 Ohms10 Switches1P4T Reflective5 MHz1000 MHz0.1 WattsManual, EthernetF
75SA-03575 Ohms1 Switch1P8T Self-Terminating0 MHz (DC)1000 MHz0.1 WattsManual, Ethernet, RS-232BNC, F
75SA-05375 Ohms1 Switch1P80T Self-Terminating45 MHz1003 MHz0.1 WattsManual, Ethernet, RS-232F
75SA-05875 Ohms1 Switch1P16T Self-Terminating20 MHz1000 MHz0.1 WattsEthernet, RS-232F
75SA-07375 Ohms1 Switch1P50T Self-Terminating0 MHz (DC)1000 MHz0.5 WattsManual, Ethernet, RS-232F
75SA-08175 Ohms2 Switches1P16T Self-Terminating0 MHz (DC)2150 MHz0.5 WattsManual, Ethernet, RS-232F
75SA-09075 Ohms2 Switches1P6T Self-Terminating5 MHz1000 MHz0.1 WattsManual, Ethernet, RS-232F

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