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Limited Fan-out Transceiver Test Systems for Radio Testing

Radio Testing Limited Fan-outThe limited fan-out transceiver test system is constructed as a reduced mesh matrix. A port connects to only X number of its neighboring ports. The number of its neighboring ports can vary depending on the application. By reducing the number of internal paths through the matrix, the size and cost of the test system is reduced. The reduced number of internal paths allows us to offer a greater number of ports. More ports means a greater number of radios to be tested simultaneously. The programmable attenuators can be remotely controlled to simulate static or dynamic environments.

In the configuration column of the below table, we use the term LC to describe the number of neighboring ports each port is internally connected.
Here are some examples:

16 Port LC8: 16 Ports with each port connected to its 8 neighboring ports
32 Port LC16: 32 Ports with each port connected to its 16 neighboring ports
48 Port LC16: 48 Ports with each port connected to its 16 neighboring ports

The reduced mesh is our latest type of test system to be added to the JFW website. If you do not find a model that meets your requirements, please contact us. JFW does not charge NREs for new models. We offer quick 1-2 day ROM (rough order of magnitude) quotes for new models. Full quotes typically take 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the test system requested

Click the column headers to sort our online models. For your specific application, please contact JFW for assistance or use our Inquiry Form.

JFW Model #ImpedanceConfigurationdB TotaldB StepFrequency StartFrequency StopControlRF Connectors
50PMA-10850 Ohms32 Ports LC1695 dB1 dB30 MHz3000 MHzEthernet, RS-232N, SMA, TNC
50PMA-10950 Ohms24 Ports LC1695 dB1 dB30 MHz3000 MHzEthernet, RS-232N, SMA, TNC
50PMA-11050 Ohms40 Ports LC1695 dB1 dB30 MHz3000 MHzEthernet, RS-232N, SMA, TNC
50PMA-11650 Ohms16 Ports LC895 dB1 dB30 MHz3000 MHzEthernet, RS-232N, SMA, TNC

Limited Fan-out Mesh Vs. Full Fan-out Mesh

The left block diagram is a 12 Port LC8 design. Each port is connected to its eight neighboring ports. The four upper neighboring ports and the four lower neighboring ports. A 12 Port LC8 design requires 48 programmable attenuators. The right block diagram is a full fan-out 12 port mesh which requires 66 programmable attenuators. The limited fan-out design requires 27.27% fewer programmable attenuators than its full fan-out counterpart. This results in the limited fan-out design costing less and being physically smaller while still having the same number or ports.

The reduction of internal components becomes even greater as the number of ports is increased. Below are three examples showing how much a limited fan-out design reduces the number of internal components.

Design Type

# of Attenuators

16 Port full fan-out

120 attenuators

16 Port LC8 limited fan-out

64 attenuators (46.66% reduction)

32 Port full fan-out

496 attenuators

32 Port LC16 limited fan-out

256 attenuators (48.38% reduction)

40 Port full fan-out

780 attenuators

40 Port LC16 limited fan-out

320 attenuators (58.97% reduction)

Capabilities and Options

Custom Models
The models listed in the above table are our standard limited fan-out transceiver test systems. JFW does not charge NREs for custom models. We encourage you to email us your specific requirement at We will respond with a ROM (rough order of magnitude) quote in 1-2 days.

Remote Commands
JFW has standard remote commands for Ethernet and RS-232 controlled models. The command syntax is simple and allows easy control of the programmable attenuator settings. In addition to our standard commands, JFW can also provide customer specific commands upon request.

Test Software
JFW provides a GUI test program with all Ethernet and RS-232 controlled test systems. The test software for transceiver test systems has all of the remote commands built in for easy testing. In addition to the remote commands, the GUI test program has additional functionality such as keypress, handover, and indefinite handover. Several of our sample test programs are available online.

Remote Control: Ethernet, RS-232
Manual Control: Keypad with display
Enclosures: Benchtop or 19″, 23″, 24″ rack mountable enclosures
Power: AC, Dual redundant AC, or DC powered
RF Connectors: BNC, TNC, SMA, N, etc.
Impedance: 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm

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