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75PA-024 Programmable Attenuator System

JFW Model #: 75PA-024
Impedance: 75 Ohms
Configuration: 1 Attenuator
Attenuator Type: Solid-state step attenuator
dB Total: 95.5 dB
dB Step: 0.5 dB
Frequency Start: 50 MHz
Frequency Stop: 860 MHz
Manual Control: Toggle switches
Remote Control: GPIB
Enclosure Type: 19 inch rack mount
Documentation: Data Sheet | Drawing


Model 75PA-024 is a 19 inch rack mount attenuator assembly containing a solid-state step attenuator with 75 Ohm impedance.  The attenuator has an attenuation range 0 to 95.5 by 0.5dB steps and operates 50-860 MHz.  The attenuator can be controlled manually using the toggle switches on the front panel or remotely via GPIB.  It is available with BNC, F or N female 75 Ohm coaxial RF connectors.  We label the RF connectors as Input and Output, but the attenuators are bi-directional.

Attenuation LEDs
Regardless of whether the unit is in Manual mode or Remote mode, the current attenuation setting is always displayed by the front panel LEDs.

Default GPIB Address
Attenuator assemblies with GPIB remote control are shipped from JFW with the GPIB address set to 4.  The address may be changed to any address number from 0 to 30.

Manual Attenuator Control
Each attenuation section of the step attenuator is controlled from the front panel via toggle switches.  If the unit is not in manual mode, then the dB toggle switches will be inactive.  As each dB toggle switch is used the corresponding LED above the toggle switch will activate.

Remote Attenuator Control
This attenuator assembly can be remotely controlled via a GPIB connection.  Each attenuator is controlled using the Set Attenuator command.  The current dB setting of each attenuator can be queried using the Read Attenuator command.  Using the *IDN? command, the unit will respond back with the model number and firmware revision level.  The current GPIB status can be queried using the *ESR? Command.