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75PA-066 Multiple Programmable Attenuator System

JFW Model #: 75PA-066
Impedance: 75 Ohms
Configuration: 4 Attenuators
Attenuator Type: Solid-state step attenuators
dB Total: 127 dB
dB Step: 1 dB
Frequency Start: 450 MHz
Frequency Stop: 2150 MHz
Manual Control: Display and Keypad
Remote Control: Ethernet, RS-232
Enclosure Type: 19 inch rack mount
Documentation: Data Sheet | Drawing


Model 75PA-066 is a 19 inch rack mount attenuator assembly containing 4 solid-state step attenuators with 75 Ohm impedance.  The attenuators have attenuation range 0 to 127 by 1dB steps and operate 450-2150 MHz.  The attenuators are bi-directional.  The attenuators can be controlled manually or remotely.  It is available with F female 75 Ohm coaxial RF connectors.  The RF connectors are located on the rear panel.

Default Settings
Attenuator assemblies with Ethernet/RS-232 remote control are shipped from JFW with the network interface set to DHCP mode and the serial baud rate set at 57600.  These settings can be changed manually with the keypad or remotely using the NET or SERIAL remote commands.  The display on the front panel shows the current settings for network mode, IP address and baud rate.

Manual Attenuator Control
The manual control menu allows you to set/read an attenuator, fade an attenuator, or perform a handover using two attenuators.

Remote Attenuator Control
This attenuator assembly can be remotely controlled via an Ethernet connection or a serial connection (i.e. RS-232).  The network settings can be changed manually with the keypad or remotely using the NET remote command.  The network interface can be set to either DHCP mode or Fixed Address mode.  A RS-232 connection to the test system is made using a null modem type serial cable.  Baud rates up to 155200 baud are available.  The baud rate can be changed manually with the keypad or remotely with the SERIAL remote command.

Remote Command Set
The firmware manual for our latest generation firmware is available for download.  This manual lists all of our remote commands with command syntax and examples.  Our firmware uses simple ASCII formatted remote commands.  If you are connected to a JFW test system and send the HELP command, it will respond back with a list of all remote commands for that specific test system.