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Ethernet Test Box

The most often asked question about our test systems is “How easy are they to remotely control”?  We now have a dedicated demo Ethernet test system at fixed IP address (TCP port 3001).  You can connect to the demo system and send and receive remote commands.

Ethernet/Serial Control Information

Our current generation firmware for Ethernet/Serial models is referred to as 3.x.x firmware.  We have a firmware manual available for download that details all command syntax and has multiple remote command examples.  The 3.x.x firmware features easy to use ASCII formatted remote commands.

3.x.x Firmware Change Log

Change log for JFW test systems running 3.x.x firmware.  Each firmware change is noted as critical, performance, feature or non-critical bug fix.

Sample GUI Test Programs for Ethernet/Serial Test Systems

Example GUI test programs that work with Ethernet/Serial models running 3.x.x firmware.  The sample programs are available for download and include a document that details the functionality of the GUI program.

GPIB Control Information

Listing of our standard GPIB remote commands.  For the GPIB command set for a specific model, please request the user manual from our engineering department.  The remote command set for GPIB controlled test systems is different than the Ethernet/Serial models due to the fact they use different microcontrollers.