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Ethernet/RS-232 Control Information

JFW now offers our latest generation of 3.x.x firmware for all types of test systems that we manufacture. The 3.x.x firmware has expanded functionality for Ethernet and RS-232 control of our test systems. The previous generations of firmware had letter revision designations (i.e. Rev A). The new firmware revisions are listed numerically (i.e. 3.2.1). We made this change so that it would be easier to identify the type of firmware running on existing test systems.

3.x.x Firmware Manual

The 3.x.x firmware has its own Firmware Manual. The firmware manual lists remote command syntax and examples for controlling attenuator assemblies, switch assemblies, and matrix switches. The firmware manual also has information about scripting and usability.

3.x.x Firmware Highlights

Updating to 3.x.x Firmware

If you already own a JFW test system that is Ethernet or RS-232 controlled and would like to update it to run the 3.x.x firmware, please send an email that includes your JFW model # to our engineering department ( Most JFW test systems can be easily updated.