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Ethernet Test Box

The most often asked question about our test systems is “How easy are they to remotely control”?

We now have a dedicated demo Ethernet test system at fixed IP address (TCP port 3001). You can connect to the demo system and send and receive remote commands.

The demo Ethernet test system is located at fixed IP address Connect via TCP port 3001. You can connect using one of our sample test programs. Download a sample test program.

The demo Ethernet test system is available for customer use 24/7. The firmware allows for up to 12 simultaneous users.

This demo Ethernet test system is running our latest generation 3.X.X firmware. It is running a demo configuration that includes programmable attenuators, RF switches and matrix switch paths.

We have many customers that use our test systems as part of a larger test setup. There might be several other devices that need controlled besides the JFW units. This demo unit will allow customers to test their GUI applications with our 3.X.X firmware any time they need too.

Other Configurations Available
If you would like the demo unit configured for a specific model, just let our engineering department know ( We can easily re-configure the demo unit for a specific model.