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Firmware Updates

Change log for JFW Test Systems running 3.x.x firmware.

3.3.22 9-8-2017

B: SAA range set skipping 17th Attenuator in certain cases

3.3.21 6-27-2017

B: Wipe command now clears stored matrix values
B: Matrix port locking now respects system configuration
F: Increased number of supported commands

3.3.20 6-8-2017

F: Added support for LC test systems

3.3.19 5-9-2017

F: Added support for future models

3.3.18 3-24-2017

F: Added Increment/Decrement functionality to remote commands: SA, SAA, SB

3.3.17 2-21-2017

B: Fixed attenuator initialization bug introduced with 3.3.16.

3.3.16 2-17-2017

F: Added support for random attenuator layouts for new systems.

3.3.15 1-16-2017

F: Increase acceptable values for device set delays.

3.3.14 12-13-2016

B: Fixed manual user being locked out if password set.

3.3.13 12-1-2016

B: Fixed startup commands not being executed as a result of odd bug

3.3.12 11-23-2016

F: Added matrix feature to disconnect all ports connected to a nonblocking port.

3.3.11 9-15-2016

B: Connection Open message reset to token code layout.
B: Atten layout parsing and setup did not handle MODELB= correctly
B: Atten Block in use now accepts current owners uid as okay
B: Atten Block default absmax check now starts at 0xFFFF instead of 10000
B: Atten Block Max now limited to device max
B: Block Locked message now shows correct user name
B: Set Block now respects auto save
P: Attens change state only on system boot and if new_value != oldvalue



3.3.8 4-26-2016

B: Fixed wipe command causing rcc bbram error to show

3.3.7 4-26-2016

C: Fixed bug where only 6 Ethernet users could connect and 7 would crash the system
B: Fixed MSG system reset bug
F: RCC now allows customer to reset counter, updated RCC helpfile

3.3.6 3-11-2016

B: Help files: ST, MOTD, HELP, SERIAL
B: Fixed SWITCH -L/U ALL -C, and now shows CRC B: Fixed SWITCH autosave/startup parsing
F: Wipe now requires admin by default
F: SS -S now gives error when STORE is restricted
F: SHOW USERS now shows users name

3.3.5 1-22-2016

B: Fixed WIPE command clearing RCC values saved in BBRAM

3.3.4 1-12-16

B: Fixed RCC with MX where multiple devices were in a path chain
F: RCC device list sorted ascending

3.3.3 12-28-2015

F: Added Matrix RCC feature
P: Bounds checking with finding matrix path devices

3.3.2 12-10-2015

B: Fixed redundant error with block lock/unlock

3.3.1 12-7-2015

B: Fixed wipe not clearing prompt
B: Fixed data corruption with clear option on ST command
B: Helpfile changed: PROMPT, ST
F: ST parsing now assumes first parameter to be ID, NAME assumed if ID not numerical
F: RCC now retains last known sets in flash memory if bbram failure

3.3.0 11-25-2015

C: Update to prevent unaddressed devices from setting

3.2.22 10-29-2015

F: Added Support JFW model #50BA-015
P: Slow down device bus



3.2.20 10-9-2015

B: Attenuator multiple layout iteration configuration bug

3.2.19 9-24-2015

B: Fix for 3.2.18
B: ST/RT rewrite

3.2.18 9-15-2015

B: Fixed error when using multiple attenautor layouts

3.2.17 9-15-2015

B: Fixed -T option /w SB to include -R
B: Fixed block clear now sets all attenuators in block to max when clearing block
F: System tag now persists through firmware update F: Added cycle counter for switches and attenuators P: Pause and Fade now reads log during execution

3.2.16 7-28-2015

B: Jogspeed helpfile fix
F: Added block force lock/unlock responses back to previous locking user

3.2.15 7-27-2015

F: Added support for more command line options

3.2.14 6-16-2015

B: Fixed some character spacing issues within the atten lock/unlock response
B: Fixed buffer overflow with atten startup=(flash/bbram) feature
F: Allow prompt disable

3.2.13 6-3-2015

B: Helpfile updates: ST, MOTD, Startup
F: Changed prompt clear keyword to OFF

3.2.12 6-1-2015

B: Fixed matrix store/recall feature were the set list was not being re-initialized for each new set
B: Fixed boot failure when EXP board is used but not connected
B: Fixed attenautor startup options
B: Fixed ST/RT bug that could cause data corruption if more than 256 bytes were used
F: Prompt OFF changed CLEAR, added -u flag, RESET option
P: MOTD limited to 256 characters
P: Rewrote prompt command handler
P: Startup command rewritten to only accept BLOCK, CHAN, ATTEN, SA, SAA, SAS, SB, SI, SO, SP, SS
P: Various help file changes to match updates

3.2.11 4-14-2015

B: Modified block helpfile
B: Modified st helpfile
B: Modified wipe helpfile
F: Added support for Config Utility
F: Wipe forced rebooting removed, allowing net reassignment after wipe
F: Added -S option for net settings to be applied at reboot
F: Added -S option for RS-232
P: Moved ST/RT data to top of flash to presist through firmware updates
P: Helpfiles now compressed
P: HC_OUT more efficient

3.2.10 3-25-2015

F: Added support for the swpath [IN/OUT]=*, and VALUE=[IN/OUT] flags for the SA configuration file.



3.2.8 3-20-2015

B: Ignore command parser fixed
F: VBHD requires Blockcount >1
F: Support larger amount of device that can be addressed
F: Handling multiple switch layouts

3.2.7 3-13-2015

F: Added Blocking, non blocking In/Out MS (Initial MS build)

3.2.6 3-9-2015

B: Fixed series AT devices not setting correctly
F: Added ST, RT commands and helpfiles
F: Standardized device locking for PA, SA, MS

3.2.5 2-20-2015

B: Fixed parsing error with double quotes
B: Fixed “Verifying Data” from showing up with matrix store
B: Fixed matric recall routine not showing in/out = correctly

3.2.4 2-19-2015

C: Unaddressed ports can be set due to trigger error
B: Command buffer overflow fix B: Add 7Segment support for PAs F: Added jog speed helpfile
F: Basic Matrix support, and help file

3.2.3 1-21-2015

B: Ethernet buffer rewrite, remove buffer full error. 2K input buffer
B: Manual back button Set Port screen now works
B: Fixed incremental displaying ‘I’ on the manual display
F: MTU increased to 1394
F: Net USERS=X can now change the number of allowed network users without reboot
F: Scheduler now uses 512uS time slices

3.2.2 1-5-2015

B: Fixed sending extra NULL byte with RA, RS B: Fixed name too long reset
B: Fixed block not active
F: Added wipe helpfile
F: Added manual mode for switches

3.2.1 12-9-2014

C: Fixed -S option for SA and SS commands
B: Wipe command not clear all user saved options
B: Standardized Attenuator and Switch Error Messages
B: Switch Config Option Modification
B: Fixed switch value parsing
F: Added SMS, SSR
F: Added -S option to SA, SS

3.2.0 12-2-2014