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Sample GUI Test Programs

These three sample programs differ from each other due to the different remote commands for each type of test system. Along with each sample program is a description PDF file that goes through the functionality of each program. If you have any questions or requests, please contact our engineering department directly at

All remote command syntax used in our test programs can be found in the 3.X.X Firmware Manual.

Programmable Attenuator Assemblies:
50PA-xxx Sample Test Program
50PA-xxx Description

RF Switch Assemblies:
50SA-xxx Sample Test Program
50SA-xxx Description

Matrix Switches:
50MS-xxx Sample Test Program
50MS-xxx Description

Transceiver Test Systems:
50PMA-xxx Sample Test Program
50PMA-xxx Description

Below is a picture of the main window for the programmable attenuator sample test program. You can connect to the test system via Ethernet or RS-232 connection. All remote commands sent can be seen in the “Data Sent” window. All responses from the test system can be viewed in the “Data Received” window.

Sample Test Programs