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Reactive & Resistive Power Divider/Combiner

JFW offers reactive & resistive power divider/combiner models with either 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm impedance.  We have broken up the online RF power divider/combiner models into seven sortable tables:

Resistive Divider/Combiner

Resistive power dividers/combiners are constructed in a star configuration.  All ports are symmetrical.  There is no common port with this design type.  A RF signal into one port will be divided up equally to all other ports.  Resistive dividers are commonly used to connect multiple radios together to simulate a mesh network.  The resistive construction does inherently have more insertion loss than the reactive designs.  For applications that require lowest loss possible (i.e. fan-in & fan-out) the reactive type is the better design.

Reactive Divider/Combiner

Reactive power dividers/combiners are constructed with either a Wilkinson design or a toroidal design.  Reactive dividers have a non-symmetrical layout.  They are generally used to fan-in or fan-out RF signals because they have less insertion loss than a resistive type divider.  An 8-way reactive divider/combiner (i.e. 1X8) can be used to fan-out 1 signal into 8 signals.  If used in the reverse direction it can combine 8 signals into 1 signal acting as an 8-way reactive combiner.  Reactive dividers typically have 20dB of port-to-port isolation between the combiner ports.  Isolation between ports is desirable for RF fan-in applications. If you need help choosing a power divider/combiner for your application, please email our engineering department for recommendations.