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Attenuator Assemblies

Our standard RF attenuator assemblies are available in either 19 inch rack mount or benchtop enclosures.  Each attenuator can be controlled individually (set attenuator command) or as a group (block command, set block command).  The manual control can be either keypad or manual lever control.  The Ethernet/Serial models run our latest generation 3.x.x firmware that features easy to use ASCII formatted commands.

Manual Keypad Features
Our RF attenuator assemblies with keypads are remotely controlled via Ethernet/Serial.  The IP settings can be viewed and updated from the keypad.  The current Baud rated is also displayed.

Manual Lever Features
The lever switches allow for manual control of each individual attenuator.  The lever switches are momentary so that you can “tap to step” or “hold to jog”.  Each lever is paired with a display that shows the current dB setting.  As the dB settings are changed manually or remotely, the display updates with the new dB setting values.  As a remote script is executing, all dB setting changes can be easily observed.